Super Smash Flash 2 takes gameplay cues from the official Super Smash Bros. games. Fans of the official series should feel right at home.

This is Smash!

Not familiar with the official games? Well, to keep it sweet and simple, Super Smash Bros. redirects the fighting genre into a whole new area of gaming.

Damage meter is at the bottom of your screen – keep an eye on it.

The damage meter is debatably the most important part of this new direction. Instead of a stamina bar, players start at 0% and each hit increases their damage percentage. But be careful – higher percentage means your opponents’ attacks send you farther and farther!

Now I’m in trouble!

Before long, hits will send you sailing through the air at astonishing speeds, leading to something we’re all familiar with…


No matter what mode you’re playing, a KO is always helpful. That is, unless you’re the one being KO’d, in which case, you must recover!

This uppercut isn’t just for grabbing coins, you know.

In Stock and Time modes, your goal is to make sure that you KO your opponent more than they KO you. It sounds simple, but it often proves to be quite a challenge.

Good luck – you’ll need it!

Smash 101  |  August 5, 2013