Welcome to the surface of Planet Zebes… Crateria!  Crateria is a very inhospitable place.  It’s dark, rainy, and it’s dreary, but fear not, light leaks down from the sky above between the rock formations to make your fight a little easier.

Don’t go into the light, Samus!

Don’t get too caught up in your fight, either. This stage may be large, but its hazard will force everyone who wants to avoid taking some serious damage from acid rain into a tiny space.

Ah, shelter!

That was a close one…

We hope you’ll enjoy the change of scenery from some of our happier, brighter stages, and use the size of Crateria to your advantage. And look out for the moving rock, it might just help you out when you’re in trouble!

I wonder where this goes…

Stages  |  August 6, 2013